Slow Leadership

Executive coaching for postcapitalist times.

‘None of the performance in an organization is related to technical skills.

All of it is related to human dynamics.

Leaders who know that thrive.’

I help social change leaders and organizations in 3 ways:

  1. I coach individual leaders to feel more free in their day to day struggles through increased self-awareness, more access to their power and more understanding of their impact

  2. I offer leadership development beyond tools and tactics, through an in depth embodied and relational approach

  3. I coach, facilitate and train organizations and executive teams through big leadership challenges and changes

Being a leader is possibly the most meaningful job you’re doing, but it can be tough. Being a leader means being under pressure, it means having to navigate and satisfy a multiplicity of expectations coming at you from various levels while staying on top of results, profit or whatever ‘performance’ means in your organization.

Being a leader is a challenge, but it doesn’t have to feel bad.
You can lead and direct and still be happy about how you interact with your colleagues and employees. You can make decisions without having that constant feeling that you might be an imposter.
You can delegate to your employees without feeling that you’re imposing something on them.
You can be in that leading position, lonely as it will always be, but feel more connected to your people than you do today.

That sounds great, but your experience is different?
Well, in my experience a leader needs to be the one that is able to set the pace of the decision making process at the right moments.
Going at a high pace is easy. It means applying numbers, data, tactics and topdown decisions. It gets you short term results and makes stakeholders happy. But my guess is you wouldn’t be reading this if you wouldn’t want to bring a different leadership to your organization. .

My experience is that as a leader the most needed and most radical thing you can do is to slow the pace down in decision making.
First of all that means you’re the one that has the awareness the pace needs to change.
And secondly you have the capacity and the presence to slow down and check in with what’s going on for yourself, for the others and for the situation you and your organization are in.

That’s what Slow Leadership is about.

‘We hired Thomas to help me and my team better support our clients throught uncomfortable emotions and help them push past their comfort zones to achieve their physical goals. We were coached through a blend of digestible education, integrative activities, and actionable take-aways to be able to start practicing our new skills immediately.

Thomas instantly created an emotionally safe environment where my team and I felt comfortable exploring and addressing our own triggers and difficult client relationships with no judgement, just awareness.

We all came out of the session with a deeper understanding of ourselves and more confidence to really support our clients in more advanced ways, adding value to our service and our personal lives.’

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